Are you at a crossroad in your life?

Maybe it’s mid-life and an empty nest. Or maybe there has been a sudden change in life circumstance that makes the future look very different.

Single, married, widowed, divorced, with kids, without kids, new job or old job, having transitioned to a new city/state or still living in the town where you were raised …there is something just prompting you to be doing something different than you have been doing … at work, play, or in a relationship.

Whatever brought you to this crossroad – also led you here. And I’m glad it did!

I’m Patricia Woods, a Board Certified Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor. 

I  am passionate about helping people create their best lives.

Why am I so Passionate about this Work?

I understand how circumstances change throughout our lives, how choices we have made with the best intentions no longer seem to fit, and how sometimes the lives we are leading no longer bring us satisfaction.

I know that it is possible to move through the challenges in our lives to make new choices, to find a sense of renewed satisfaction, joy, and ease in our lives, because I have made this journey numerous times.

I recognize the challenge of letting go of the familiar to transition toward the new.  

I also recognize the importance of finding satisfaction in the life you are living today. This is how you can have the energy and motivation to create the life you dream about.

Let’s work together to design your new path to a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Why Work with Me?

For over twenty years I have worked with my clients to fit the pieces of their lives together.  I draw upon my skills as a counselor, coach, and facilitator to help you to stay energized and motivated to create your new path.

Being satisfied with now is a key component in your journey. A skill you will use over and over as you transition forward.

Working with an experienced and supportive professional creates energy, motivation, greater self-awareness and trust – trust in yourself that you have the skills and ability to see this through.

Having a professional by your side allows you to navigate the bumps more effectively, feeling increased confidence as you move through challenges and decision making.

Partnering with me gives you another pair of eyes that can see things you may not be seeing, keeps your goals front and center, holds you accountable, and celebrates your victories.

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Many people struggle to reach their goals. They know they are attainable, but can’t seem to make the pieces fit together. What they do not realize is unhappiness with their present situation often hinders them from moving forward on their desired path.

Through individual and group coaching, counseling, and workshop presentations I help you to clarify your goals, see new possibilities, and start creating the life you desire.

The Process

First, we work together to identify what is most important to you right now.  We look at your roles, responsibilities, the components of your life, and the changes you desire.

Then we create a realistic plan, with attainable steps, to take you in a new direction.

Most importantly we identify what you need to move through this transition with a sense of satisfaction and well-being. This gives you the determination to move forward every day.

Coaching or Counseling?

Coaching and a counseling are not the same. Each is a different process based on where you are today – mentally, emotionally, and physically. They both offer strategies and tools for you to move toward the life you want, but the journey is not the same.

Counseling often focuses on exploring past issues which are preventing you from reaching your goals. As understanding is reached, emotions identified and expressed, and the path forward slowly becomes clearer and easier to navigate.  Tools that create healthier and more effective coping skills are often integrated along the way.

Coaching is a partnership designed to keep you focused and motivated to move from the present to your future goals.

As your coach, our work centers on digging deeply into identifying and understanding your goals, exploring possibilities of how to get there, and constructing the plan.

My counseling and coaching pages can provide more information. I am happy to answer any questions to help determine the right fit for you.

Need a speaker for your next meeting?

If you are looking for someone to motivate your group or to get people to step out of their comfort zone to lead their best lives – I can help!

Designed as one hour to half day sessions to fit your program, my interactive workshops introduce your team to life-changing skills and techniques. Workshops can be customized to fit your organization’s culture as we focus on mindfulness, stress reduction and emotional intelligence.

Learn more about the types of programs and workshops structured for employees, educators, non-profit groups and more!



"Life at the Crossroad"

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 "Patricia really embodies everything you would want in the ideal therapist. She truly cares about her clients, has a positive and non­judgmental approach, shares helpful and creative insight about how to address issues, and she is great in helping reaffirm what a terrific person you are."



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